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Gowri has writen numerous scripts for various dance dramas

Mayura Pincham

Krishna the divine child illumined the home of Nanda and the heart of Yashoda. The mother had glimpses of his divinity, but before the realization could sink in;   the lord cast his veil of maya over her, so in the end she just remembered…that she was his mother and the lord her little son

The Heart of a Gopi

Mother-in-law: Welcome my daughter-Welcome-Remember you are no longer a princess but the wife of a Gwala  --a cowherd now ( Sharmila touches her feet)

Mother-in-law: And there is one thing I must warn u about—when u go to the Yamuna to fetch water-keep away from the gopis—the ladies of Brindavan---they are  wanton women-all married but totally amored by another man—so beware Sharmila


Man: My own mind troubles me-These unruly senses drag me hither and thither—These 6 enemies that lurk within-attack and weaken the mind –weaken the body. I have no strength to fight anymore... (Thinking) It is said that when man desperately calls out - You come rushing - like you came for Gajendra 

Gajanan Maharaj

Bhasker: Maharaj don’t tempt me so as the water rushed out of the dry well – my dry heart has become moist with the spring of faith with that I will grow a fragrant garden of devotion, plant trees which will bear fruit of good values.  I will use your name as a sword and do away with momentary attachments.  From now on I will never leave your holy feet.

Maa Tuje Salam

Uncle: (Laughs) India
My religion is Indian
My caste is Indian
My creed is Indian
My Dharma is Indian
I am an Indian



Hanuman: Yes ,but what do I know about it, its all Shri Ram’s will

(Music for Rams entry)

Narrator Ram: What will He say? (Laughs)
(Man and Hanuman bow down)

Hanuman: Shri Ram ! Shri Ram !

Youth: What good have I done that I am having the darshan of the Lord and His greatest devotee together! I am redeemed.

Narrator Ram: Hanuman you always talk about me, so now give me the opportunity to talk about you my dearest Hanuman.

Hanuman: No Lord no.

Narrator Ram: You always say, its Ram’s will, Yes? So today its Rams will to tell the story of my Aanjaneya Veera ( Music)

Hanuman : As you wish my Lord.( Exit)

Narrator Ram: So you want to know why Aanjaneya is called Rudra Avatar?


Krishna:  Meera… (Meera runs hearing the sound)… Meera.. (Flute…Meera seeing him     closes her eyes.) Meera.. I am here... Open your eyes… you called & I came.

Meera:    No Lord if I open my eyes, you’ll disappear. You dwell in my heart from where you can never go. & Lord, You have completely colored me.

Krishna: (Laughs...) aren’t you going to color me too?

Meera:   (Laughs)…Krishna...Krishna, don’t tease me so… You’ve sprinkled the color of Love & created this whole universe… & you know, Govinda... A little of that color entered my eyes... from then on wherever I turn, I see you... Only you...

Krishna: Meera, My dear.. You have bound me, the boundless with the strings of love..       Call me.. & I’ll always be there… (Chimes)

Kwaja Muinuddin Chisti

Chisti  : Qutubuddin we have to go to India, to Ajmer. That is the order that I have got. We shall leave as soon as possible. It will be our privilege to serve the people of Ajmer and it is God’s will too.

Krishna Uddhava

Krishna: (lifting him) the meeting of the gopis with you Uddhava is like mingling of 2 rivers your knowledge seeped into the gopis & strengthened their minds & their bhakti flowed into your heart & melted your pride. Today my priya sakha you are a confluence of jnanabhakti the right way to godhead. (SONG)